Nutritional value of pigeon peas can vary considerably, as with any crop. Climate, growth stage, plant part, fertilizer application are but a few variables that can affect the nutrient content of a pigeon pea analysis. The table below should just be used as a general guideline. The total protein, fat and fibre content are high relatively to other vegetable crops and can form part of peoples diet. It does not completely supply all the proteins that are needed. Tryptophan is deficient and must be obtained from other sources.

Nutritional value of pigeon peas
Ca0.2 mg/100g
Fe4 mg/100g
Vit A1.65 mg/100g
Threonine0.77 mg/100g
Tyrosine0.85 mg/100g
Methionine0.4 mg/100g
Valine0.50 mg/100g
Phenylalanine1.84 mg/100g
Isoleucine0.50 mg/100g
Leucine1.30 mg/100g
Lycine1.18 mg/100g