Vegetable farming is actually the sister site of basic Commercial Hydroponic Farming and its main focus is open field vegetable farming. This is a totally non-profit website, i.e. the org. extension (bear in mind I will run ads later to fund the hosting and other costs). This site is dedicated to small scale farmers who also need large amounts of information, especially those with limited resources.

We all know that the internet is growing, and Africa is growing the fastest among the mobile users, its core focus will be those on mobile systems needing very important information to help them become sustainable and self-sufficient. As books now have become more difficult to access than the internet, I thought rather than publishing the info in book form, just publish it on the internet which makes it available to more people who need it more, world wide.

This site will not be possible without funding, so regretfully we publish ads.  I do not have $200 per year as philanthropic or altruistic spending, each article I write is much more worth the time. I hope that people can come forward and help publish rich worthwhile content to help people around the world producing better horticultural crops to make their world better.

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